Live sports betting: rules and features

Live sports betting: rules and features

Live sports betting is a type of bet that is accepted on the sites of bookmakers during the game. During the match, the situation changes dramatically more than once, and the novice player, under the influence of emotions, makes several bets. An erroneous forecast leads to a loss and there is a desire to immediately win back a lost bet. So, a chain of wrong decisions and several bets in a row lead the player to the loss of the entire deposit.

The main mistakes when making a sports bet in Live

Novice players, predicting the outcome of a sporting event, are guided by popular beliefs that do not always work in their favor. In football, for example, with a draw after the first half of the match, the majority puts on the favorite. Specifically for the eminent team, which occupies the top positions in the championship. In tennis matches, the leader is determined at the end of the first set. A tennis player who gained an advantage after the first set is more likely to win the match.

The peculiarity of live rates is the constant change in the odds, this factor must be taken into account when forecasting. In the example of a football match under consideration, the score is a draw, the favorite’s victory is estimated by a coefficient of 1.4, an outsider by 2.3. If the game goes without the overwhelming advantage of the favorite, it is logical to choose a bet with a large coefficient. In a tennis match, odds may also change. If the second set ends in a draw or the leader loses, then the odds increase and the bet will bring more wins.

Predicting the result of the current match, guided only by the information on the bookmaker’s website, is a big mistake for beginners.

During the game, various events can occur: injuries of players, forced replacements, change of tactics of a game of one or another team. Lack of sources of additional information may lead to incorrect conclusions and loss of bet.

Winning football betting system for beginners

The basis of winning football bets is a careful study of the upcoming match, taking into account the composition of the playing teams, possible changes in the coaching group. Watching the game online will help to correctly assess the game situation and make an optimal forecast. The system is based on a situation in which, according to statistics, most of the goals are scored in the last minutes of the game. When calculating bets, it is necessary to analyze the odds of the opposing teams and put on another goal scored. In this system, the player needs to be patient and adhere to a conservative style of play. You can practice on the site of a reliable bookmaker

Profitable system rules:

  • When calculating the rate, it is necessary to take into account the state of the deposit. The rate cannot be higher than 5% of the deposit;
  • Bet on another goal scored no later than 60 minutes of playing time;
  • On Live Betting you need to control the change of odds. Place a bet with a coefficient of 1.65. An ideal option would be 2.0 or higher;
  • Follow the progress of the game and draw the appropriate conclusions. If the forces of the opponents are equal, do not expect a goal scored;
  • Choose matches in which the motivation of the teams is highest. Most often these are cup matches or return games in which the result of the first meeting was unsatisfactory for both teams;
  • The account at which it is recommended to bet: 1: 2, 0: 1, 0: 0;
  • If the difference in the score is 2 or more goals, then the probability of a goal is small;
  • Do not try to win back a losing bet. Invalid second bet in one game.

Following these tips, the novice player will learn to analyze the upcoming sports event, to predict the result. Of course, cold calculation and control will help to make live sports betting correctly.