Interesting facts about casinos

Interesting facts about casinos

You can love slot machines free spins and not even guess that the casino is always a great source of all kinds of stories and legends, as well as fascinating myths that seem very good to be true. Some amazing facts about casinos come from societies where it’s strictly forbidden, proving that it’s very difficult to keep people from being attractive to win large sums of money. Thus, Japanese players have to use a big legal loophole to correct the situation. At the same time, it is forbidden for all locals to play in Monaco. These are important facts about the casino, which you probably didn’t even know about.

A voluntary ban on casinos

Currently, in several states of America it is possible to prohibit yourself from entering the casino, if the dependence on such games is completely out of control. For example, in Ohio there is a special program for players called “Voluntary Exclusion”, which allows them to prohibit playing for a certain time or forever.

The amount of numbers on the roulette wheel is always 666

Different superstitions and various gambling often go hand in hand. In this regard, it is not surprising that some particularly lucky players were assigned magical qualities. The “number of the beast” from the Bible is in any institution with a roulette wheel. If you just add up all the numbers on the wheel, you get 666! This is why roulette is also often called the “Devil’s Wheel”.

Without watches and windows

The casino room should evoke euphoria and excitement among players. That is, extremely positive emotions that will make a person happy. And, as everyone well knows, happy hours are not observed. This is the principle that guides the vast majority of casinos. That’s why you’ll never see a clock on the wall in gaming venues. Without knowing what time it is, players just lose touch with time. They think they’ve been to the casino for a while now, and they keep playing. For the same reason, there are no windows in the casinos. Players can play for days without thinking about the fact that one day has already changed and the other day has already changed.

Richard Nixon became the American president thanks to poker

Interesting facts about gambling do not end there. Thus, it is known that Richard Nixon in the Navy officer differed ability to play poker and incredible luck. In total, he won over six thousand American dollars from his fellow officers. He spent the winning amount on his own campaign in 1946 and soon became a real congressman. Some time passed, and the lucky poker player became the thirty-seventh president of the United States.

Fruit in the slot machines

Pictures of oranges and cherries can also tell you interesting things about the casino. Initially, the gaming machines used standard card suits. At the beginning of the last century, the authorities took strict measures to combat gambling and banned the image of these suits. However, they did not think that manufacturers of gaming machines will easily bypass such a ban. So were invented devices with images of various fruit cherries instead of card suits. When in one row formed the same fruit, the player received gum with the same taste. Over time, the ban on card suits was abolished, but the fruit managed to take root as images on the scoreboard machines.


Unfortunately, numerous stories about some optimal winning strategies are just a myth. This is what many researchers say. Their conclusions are based on very complex calculations. In addition, it is also impossible to calculate the pattern of numbers falling out at roulette. The great Albert Einstein proved it. Thus, all popular on the Web secret methods and theories have no practical confirmation. But you can go to and start enjoying the game just now.