Top-10 Best Live Casinos to Play Online is Revealed

Top-10 Best Live Casinos to Play Online is Revealed

Best Online Life Casinos

Many online gamblers prefer live casinos to their pure online cousins. At CasinoMonster we do not give preference to certain types of casinos – we thoroughly and strictly test every place you can gamble online to deliver unbiased, scrupulous rankings and live casino guides. Where others simply compare info casinos themselves offer CasinoMonster carries out an in-depth analysis starting from creating an account and depositing funds to trying to gamble, evaluating a live dealer and finally withdrawing gains.

Why choose CasinoMonster?

CasinoMonster is a team of professional gamblers as much as gambling can be a profession, of course. We have years of experience and true passion in delivering an honest and unbiased rating of live casinos online to thousands of average players. Playing in an online live casino can be risky when you don’t know if it is legitimate or not. Today, there are thousands of online casinos offering live rooms with real dealers, but even if a live casino looks good it not necessarily is. CasinoMonster does all the recon for you providing you the proven top-10 list of the best casinos that are both fun and safe to gamble at.


Not only do we have the best team of devoted online gambling pros, we also have a huge experience in evaluating online casinos. We know how to distinguish truly legitimate casinos from ephemeras and meticulously investigate every online live casino that comes to our attention. We check licenses, evaluate explicit and implicit signs identifying trusted casinos and even risk our own money to finally deliver our expert diagnosis.


One of the most important things one should be watching out when it comes to gambling online is casino’s ability and will to payout. Virtually all of online live casinos promise fast and secure cashout, but in fact there are just few gems among tons of crap out there. With CasinoMonster rating you can rest assured you play at the safest, most reliable and paying online casinos in Canada and worldwide. Your gambling safety is our job.


We do not affiliate with online casinos. We don’t accept royalties of any kind to give preferences to one or another live casino. Our business is to promote truly and proven online casinos and receive our commission. That’s why we are simply not interested in promoting each and every peace of casino garbage you can find online. Instead, we focus on honest reviews, detailed guides and unbiased rankings to deliver an easy-to-use top-10 list where anyone can quickly choose a live online casino to play.

What is a live casino?

Basically, it’s something between a real-world casino and an online casino. The idea is you play roulette, blackjack or baccarat with a real dealer, which means you see him dealing cards, throwing a ball to the wheel and so on. Many online gamblers prefer this way to gamble online. May be you should give it a try to.

Do live casinos have the same chance to win?

Surely. When you gamble online it doesn’t make a difference if you’re playing against a random number generator (i. e. computer) or against a real person. Chances and rules are the same. The only difference is aesthetic.

Is online live casino safe to play?

Surely. Some think it is even safer than a typical online casino for two reasons. First, hiring a human dealer costs money and non-legitimate day-fly casinos simply cannot afford that. Second, when you see a computer-generated 3D roulette you are actually fighting a random number generator – a totally obscure and mystical part of the casino that is not available to your evaluation in any way. At the same time, a live person dealing cards, shuffling the deck or running roulette right before your eyes means a chance of jugglery is minimal. And for the maximum convenience, CasinoMonster also checks the legal side of the casino, so if you go playing to one of the recommended casinos, you’re certainly safe.

What payment methods are supported at live casinos?

Online live casinos are online casinos too after all, so they usually support the entire variety of payment methods including credit cards, wire transfers, Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, Poli, UKash, Click2Pay, ECO and other eWallets. And if you want to play in CAD, may be you should prefer casinos that offer ways to both deposit and withdraw Canadian dollars using canuck-specific banking options.

Can casinos steal my data?

As soon as you prefer legitimate and trusted casinos to play live – the answer is no. And here is why. The difference between a legitimate casino and a non-legitimate shady one is a license. There are several countries in the world where most online casinos operate offshore from. Purchasing a license isn’t cheap, only serious organizations can afford that. Plus, a license to be issued requires fulfilling a number of regulations and rules of the licensor. And these regulations are very strict sometimes. So, chance a licensed live casino will steal your information is pretty much zero. However, you should also take into account any third party certificated issueв by gambling regulation organization such as eCOGRA. And finally, for the 100% safety, play only on those online live casinos that operate through a secure SSL connection to prevent interception of your personal or financial information by malefactors.